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Gallipoli Cognato Park


The Gallipoli Cognato Park is located in the heart of Basilicata.


gallipoli cognato park


Gallipoli Cognato and little Dolomiti Lucane Park

The Gallipoli Cognato and Dolomiti lucane Park is far smaller in comparison; it covers 270 square kilometres and is located to the north of Pollino, in the heart of Basilicata.


There is a striking contrast in the scenery here, from the bare sandstone peaks with a rugged, craggy appearance to the lush Cognato forest, which is carpeted in wild flowers during spring and ablaze with colour in the autumn.


The Lucanian Dolomites (Dolomiti Lucane) are a mountain range found within in the National Park of Gallipoli Cognato, in the heart of Basilicata.


So, this beautiful mountains are characterised by tall odd shaped peaks that suggested imaginative names, such as ‘the Eagle’, ‘the Anvil’, ‘the Big Mother’ and ‘the Owl’.


They are part of a mountain complex that date back 15 million years.


At the back of the Lucanian Dolomites are the evocative villages of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, perched on the mountainside overlooking some dramatic valley scenery.


This Park is ideal for hiking as is has a well signposted network of trails covering all terrain.


The mountains here are also popular with rock climbers, horse riders and mountain bike enthusiasts.


Accettura is another town within the Lucanian Dolomites Park and is famous for its annual ‘Il Maggio’ festival held in May. See events for more details.


Smaller reserves that are located inside the Gallipoli National Park include:


Riserva Antropologica Monte Croccia

The Monte Croccia Reserve is a protected area located in the Gallipoli Cognato National Park.


It stretches along Monte Croccia and is home to many types of wildlife including birds, wolves, wild boar and more.


The reserve is also home to a fortified town, and is an important archaeological site, alongside other fortifications such as the defensive system Lucane, a long wall around 2000 metres long.


Dolomiti di Pietrapertosa

The Lucanian Dolomites are located in the municipalities of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa and are where the Flight of the Angel takes place.


Pietrapertosa itself is the highest in Basilicata; it is located among the rocks of the Lucanian Dolomites and holds picturesque views of the Gallipoli Cognato regional Park.


There is also a castle just behind the last of the houses in the village which has now been restored and can be visited.


This is a highly recommended trip to get a true picture of not only the history and architectural elements but also stunning views of the surrounding forest, streams and river.


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