Sassi di Matera



The Sassi of Matera are an important and marvellous site famous all over the world.


the sassi of matera


Sassi Matera: historic center with ancestral origins

The Sassi of Matera is a UNESCO site, capital of culture and home to the Rupestrian Church.


It’s one of the oldest towns in Italy, and has some incredible historical sites.


The town is famous for its Sassi, which are cave dwellings that are carved into the rock.


The Sassi were originally homes for people who lived in the area but now serve as tourist attractions.


It also keeps 2 ancient districts including Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso.


The city of Matera is built on top of an ancient cave system that was first inhabited by Paleolithic people around thousands of years ago.


Today, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its well-preserved medieval architecture—built directly into the rock walls!


When you visit Matera today, you’ll find many historical sites such as the Rupestrian Church, which dates back to the 3th century, and other churches built into caves throughout town.


You can explore these underground spaces at your own pace on foot or by bike, or even take guided tours through some areas if you want more information about them!


Matera today represents one of the top 3 oldest cities in the world.


Sassi of Matera is located in Basilicata, a region in southern Italy.


The Gravina di Matera Canyon

The Gravina di Matera is a canyon that is the source of many historical and natural wonders.


This canyon is home to some of Italy’s most beautiful medieval rock churches.


These churches are made primarily out of stone and built into the walls of the canyon itself!


The Gravina di Matera also offers plenty of opportunities for nature lovers.


Trekking trails through its sparse vegetation called Mediterranean maquis, and along its spectacular rock formations will give you a sense of what it must have been like to live there hundreds of years ago.


Moreover, the panoramas to be seen on this mountain are beautiful!



Murgia Materana Park

The Murgia ridge extends along the Gravina di Matera river which then joins the Bradano river. This flows into the Ionian sea after passing through the town of Metaponto.


It hosts some of the most important archaeological sites in Italy.


In addition to the rock churches there are Neolithic villages, and signs of man in the Paleolithic period.


The Murgia Materana nature park extends in the area of ​​the Gravina di Matera, home to a huge variety of flowers and plants, as well as many animal species.


The symbol of the Murgia Park in Matera is the Naumanni falcon, a small bird of prey that comes from African areas.


The Sassi of Matera and the Murgia Materana Park together represent the Unesco site of the city.


Every year they attract millions of visitors from all over the world.


There are many other things to do while visiting this historic city:

  • Wander through alleyways full of shops and restaurants; stop by one of several museums;


  • Take part in guided tours (including walking tours through historic areas);


  • Or just relax on one of the many beautiful balconies that overlook the town!



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