Churches of Maratea



Churches of Maratea are very special

The Basilica of San Biagio is the main church of the district. It is situated on top of Monte San Biagio, opposite the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Built in the 6th – 7th century, it houses the remains of the saint, who is honoured every year in May by a procession in which a silver statue of the saint is transported from the Basilica to the main church of the old town.

Maratea is home to 44 churches, 21 of which are open to the public, 11 can be found in the old town alone. We don’t insist you see them all, but it is worth descending to the old town and visiting the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, built in 1505. The three churches near the Piazza Buraglia; the Chiesa dell’Addolorata, the Chiesa dell’Immacolata and the Chiesa dell’Annunziata are generally open and are worth visiting for their artworks and their atmosphere which is both quaint and devout.

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