Basilicata South Italy: a wonderful place to live.


basilicata south italy


Discover Basilicata South Italy

Discover the amazing region of Basilicata, the ideal location for holidays in Southern Italy.


Relax and unwind on the two stunning coastlines that the Basilicata region has to offer or allow your taste buds to take the lead as you experience the exceptional regional cuisine.


Basilicata’s beauty is only trumped by its rich history.


Dating back to the Preolithic era this region of Southern Italy has not only been influenced by the naturally warm and welcoming Italian way of life but by the Greek, French, Spanish and Arabian Invaders that marched through the land throughout the ages.


You will not be disappointed in choosing Basilicata as your destination for holidays in Southern Italy.


Sitting on the instep of Italy’s boot, just west of Puglia, Basilicata is one of Italy’s lesser known regions.


Steeped in history with miles of white sandy beaches, striking mountain ranges and ancient towns where tourists are still rare, Basilicata is a region just waiting to be discovered.


Plan your holidays in Southern Italy with our lists of places to visit, activities and events, we’re sure your trip will leave you with a little piece of Basilicata in your heart forever.


The beautiful coasts of Basilicata

Basilicata has two fantastic coastlines, The Ionian Coast to the east, and the Tyrrhenian Coast to the west.


Both coasts have a beautiful sea and uncontaminated territory around.


The Ionian coast is wide and flat. While the Tyrrhenian coast is surrounded by beautiful mountains that descend to the sea.


Basilicata National Parks

In this region there are wonderful National parks.


They are breathtaking parks, where you truly are spoiled for choice.


The region has a number of beautiful national parks located in the Lucanian Apennines; a spectacular mountain range that cuts Basilicata in half.


The part of the range in the Basilicata region is known as the Lucanian Dolomites and the landscape here is breath-taking.


Hill-top towns perch between rocks, and pristine lakes hide in the heights of the mountains, creating picture book scenery to explore.


History Locations

Basilicata is one of a select few locations in the world where you can explore an area steeped in history dating all the way back to the Palaeolithic age.


Basilicata is a region rich in art, history and culture. The museums located throughout Basilicata are rich in archaeological finds, Renaissance frescoes, contemporary art and sculpture.


Visit the the spectacular historical Park of the cave Churches of Matera, the medieval towns of Melfi and Venosa, and the stunning Paletine Tables in Metaponto.



Regional cuisine has been influenced by the colorful history and cultural roots of Basilicata.


Here you can taste the ancient flavors handed down from one generation to the next.


The exquisite regional cuisine has been influenced by Basilicata’s cultural roots and the unique produce of the region.


A point of pride in the area, these traditional, honest dishes are a delight to experience during your Italian escape.


Explore local specialities and traditional regional recipes